Ask Me (almost) Anything

Ask Me (almost) Anything (AMaA) is a Web application to easily query the uRDF store from the browser. Queries take the form of a conjunction of Datalog predicates that are then turned into SPARQL basic graph patterns. The grammar for queries is as follows:

query = predicate (', ' query)?
predicate = unary / binary
unary = class '(' term ')'
binary = property '(' term ', ' term ')'
term = variable / indiv
variable = [A-Z]
class = [a-zA-Z]+
property = [a-zA-Z]+
indiv = [a-zA-Z]+

Although the grammar allow any term in predicates, AMaA only recognizes terms from specific vocabularies that are relevant in the Internet of Things: SAREF/SmartM2M, SOSA/SSN and the Web of Things ontology. Here is a list of classes (unary predicates) and properties (binary predicates) that can be used: